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We help to create functional, aesthetically-pleasing work environments by becoming an integral team member with the customer and their consultants.


Desks Inc is a full-service, complete-solution furniture dealer whose culture is founded upon the sincere belief that “good design changes people’s lives.” Teaming with our customers and their consultants, we create functional, aesthetically-pleasing work environments. These spaces will enhance an employee’s quality of life, increase efficiency and serve as a business tool, reflective of the customer’s culture and helping to earn new customers and best-in-class employees. All of the business drivers of today – workplace research, ergonomics and cost containment – are all part of our expertise, powered by Desks Inc’s years of success.

The Desks Inc team fully understands the value of the interior portraying your corporate culture. We work hard to understand the core values of your company to ensure that the workplace reflect that foundation.

Every Desks Inc customer benefits from our passion for service, attention to detail, and skill for anticipating needs and exceeding expectations. We can assist with the entire workplace review and procure the recommended product solutions, from architectural products to office furniture, connecting each element with the business’ unique requirements. The workplace is an investment, and it is how we help our customers grow their business.

Our Philosophy

Relationship A committed relationship is the principle foundation of our business. We build a service-driven, high-performance, intelligence-sharing, long-term relationship with our customers. Office furniture is an investment, not simply an expense. A high-performance dealer like Desks Inc offers its customers the most current, most comprehensive workplace research challenging the customer’s workplace model and leading toward an informed interior solution. Consider in your choice of a furniture dealer not only the products that can be provided, but also how committed they are to serving your needs beyond the initial sale. How will the workplace provider manage space adjustments, minor modifications and simple service issues? These are the critical tests of that provider’s long-term commitment and capabilities.

Many of our team leaders have been educated as design professionals. They understand the right solution to your unique furniture needs, as well as the requirements to specify order, deliver, and install virtually problem-free. This team of professionals, with their vast product knowledge and the industry experience, work in an agile team structure to ensure that you receive the service you deserve.

Our team becomes an integral part of your team, participating in weekly construction meetings and fully interfaced with you – the project manager, designer, contractor, telecommunications consultant and the other “trusted advisors” on your project team. A Desks Inc project team adds significant value to our customer’s project experience.